We found an interesting video on Youtube, let's talk about: 
9 Reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese
  1. Approximately 1 Billion native speakers.
    - Learning Mandarin Chinese would allow you to connect with so many people you wouldn't even imagine before!🙌
  2. It's the official language of many countries and the speakers are all over the world!
    - Wherever you go, there's a Chinese restaurant. You will always got the chance to speak. ðŸ˜Œ
  3. NO VERB CONJUGATION❗️❗️It saves you so, so much work. 
  4. Get to know an entirely different writing system!
    It will get you a new way to look at the world!
  5. It's one of the oldest languages in the world.
    So many stories to hear ðŸ‘€ðŸ‘‚
  6. To know more about the culture of China and more Asian Countries. ðŸŽŽ

    Chinese culture were/ are quite influence in Asian. Learning Chinese give you a good access to the other culture. ðŸ¤
  7. Travel! ðŸšðŸ¯ðŸ¥Ÿ

    So many to see, to explore, to experience. 
  8. To know about tonal languages. ðŸ—£ 
    Similar to the writing system, learning Chinese allows you to know how people from the other half of world talk.
  9. Open the door for so many other languages! ðŸ¤— 
    Starting is always the hardest, but after you learned Chinese, learning Japanese, Korean etc would be so much easier! 


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