February 27th, 1996 is the day that Pokemon Red and Blue released, also the beginning of the legacy of Pokémon. This globally loved series turns 24 years old tomorrow. To many of us, it's a precious part of our chilhood. From the original 151 to the 893 now, which is your favorite Pokémon?
精靈寶可夢 紅·綠發售於1996年2月27日,開啟了寶可夢系列二十年的傳奇。明天這個熱門系列就要24歲了,也是許多人珍貴的童年回憶。從最初的151隻到現在的893隻,你最喜歡哪隻寶可夢呢?

here're some useful vocabularies you may need during the holiday!
Let's follow Crown's video to get to know them

Moon Festival/ Mid-autumn Festival is the second most important holiday in the Mandarin-speaking or generally Asian world. Let's get to know more about its origin story.

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親愛的使用者,歡迎且感謝您選擇 Hanyu+ app。希望您已經啟程並享受學習的過程。我們希望您喜愛本 App 並開始用來自學。在這裡我們提供一些小技巧,以免部分使用者對本 App 的操作不熟悉。 
Dear Users, Welcome and thank you to choose the Hanyu+ app. Hope you have started the journey and enjoy the learning. We hope you like the App and start to use it for your self-learning. Hereby we offer some tips just in case some of you are not familiar with the operation of the App.

技巧 <1> 登入與註冊使用「以Google帳號登入」可以為您節省許多時間。以您的母語學習。目前 Hanyu+ 提供五種語言供您選擇。Tips <1> Login and RegistrationUse the “ sign in with Google ” will save you a lot of time to register.Learn with your own language. Now Hanyu+ offer 5 languages for you to choose.

技巧 <2> 探索 Hanyu+ 的各種功能等級:從準備一級至進階級中選擇適合您的起始等級。如果您不確定該從何開始,可以選擇準備一級。主題:選擇您感興趣的主題開始學習。任務:每一個任務包含 「單字」、「文法」、「對話」和「AI 對話」,目的在於強化您的「聽力理解」與「口說」能力。
Tips <2> Explore the features of the Hanyu+Level: Choose the level you want to begin from Preparation1 to Advanced B2.If you …
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We found an interesting video on Youtube, let's talk about: 
9 Reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese
Approximately 1 Billion native speakers.❗
- Learning Mandarin Chinese would allow you to connect with so many people you wouldn't even imagine before!🙌It's the official language of many countries and the speakers are all over the world!
- Wherever you go, there's a Chinese restaurant. You will always got the chance to speak. 😌NO VERB CONJUGATION❗️❗️It saves you so, so much work. Get to know an entirely different writing system!
It will get you a new way to look at the world!It's one of the oldest languages in the world.
So many stories to hear 👀👂To know more about the culture of China and more Asian Countries. 🎎

Chinese culture were/ are quite influence in Asian. Learning Chinese give you a good access to the other culture. 🤝Travel! ✈⛰🍚🏯🥟

So many to see, to explore, to experience. To know about tonal languages. 🗣 
Similar to the writing system, learning Chinese allow…