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Let's say happy birthday to Harry! He'll be, ugh, 39 this year? Anyway, July 31 is #HarryPotter's birthday. Let's raise our wand and celebrate for the boy (man) who lived!

It's getting warmer and warmer, what have you planned for this summer? Shopping? Loafing around? What about go swimming or to a water park? That's something you should not miss ;)

Sorry, can't talk right now. There's a GIANT MONSTER OUTSIDE MY WINDOW! What's his name again? You know, the king of monsters?

What if I tell you there's a affordable, healthy and environment-friendly way of transportation? Sounds unbelievable? Well, when was the last time you rode a bike? June 3rd is the World Bicycle Day, get ready before you hut the road :)

May 31st is World No Tobacco Day, and the theme selected by WHO this year is "Make Every Day World No Tobacco Day".
Do any of your friends or family smoke? Do you smoke? Ever consider to quit smoking?
We could spend a little time on this issue today.

On May 17th. #Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize #SameSexMarriage.
Learn some words and congratulate your gay friends!

Ever heard of a diabolo? It's also called Chinese yo-yo, and it's a classic traditional Chinese toy, which can be used to perform various tricks. Taiwanese Diabolo player Chihhan Chao has been playing diabolos for 20 years in his 27 years life. Let's see what he has in his sleeves ;)

July 12th was declared by the UN as #MalalaDay in honor of #MalalaYousafzai, who won the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 16. 
Today, let's talk about this brave young activist and her story.
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Do you like jam? Taiwanese jam maker 柯亞(Ke Ya) and her Keya Jam won Double Gold in the The World's Original Marmalade Awards 2019, which is like the Oscar awards in jam-making field. Furthermore, the winning product will be available in Fortnum & Mason. Let's hear her story! 

The long waited season 3 of the beloved sci-fi series, Netflix's #StrangerThings is coming back today. Raise your hands, fellow show lovers!
Also, Happy Birthday, United States! 🎆

How do you keep your pictures? Do you print them out, save them to the cloud, or only keep them in your phone? And what happens when you get a new phone? Where do the old pictures go?
Japanese mobile phone company "au" helped people revive their old phones and brought their memories back. Let's see how it goes: