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Welcome to use Hanyu+ App

Welcome and good to have you there.
ようこそ   Chào mừng bạn   Selamat datang   환영  
親愛的使用者,歡迎且感謝您選擇 Hanyu+ app。希望您已經啟程並享受學習的過程。我們希望您喜愛本 App 並開始用來自學。在這裡我們提供一些小技巧,以免部分使用者對本 App 的操作不熟悉。 
Dear Users, Welcome and thank you to choose the Hanyu+ app. Hope you have started the journey and enjoy the learning. We hope you like the App and start to use it for your self-learning. Hereby we offer some tips just in case some of you are not familiar with the operation of the App.

技巧 <1> 登入與註冊使用「以Google帳號登入」可以為您節省許多時間。以您的母語學習。目前 Hanyu+ 提供五種語言供您選擇。Tips <1> Login and RegistrationUse the “ sign in with Google ” will save you a lot of time to register.Learn with your own language. Now Hanyu+ offer 5 languages for you to choose.

技巧 <2> 探索 Hanyu+ 的各種功能等級:從準備一級至進階級中選擇適合您的起始等級。如果您不確定該從何開始,可以選擇準備一級。主題:選擇您感興趣的主題開始學習。任務:每一個任務包含 「單字」、「文法」、「對話」和「AI 對話」,目的在於強化您的「聽力理解」與「口說」能力。
Tips <2> Explore the features of the Hanyu+Level: Choose the level you want to begin from Preparation1 to Advanced B2.If you …